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The community of Rolling Hills is equestrian in nature and enjoys breathtaking views of the coastline, downtown Los Angeles, Catalina Island and pastoral canyons. 


There are three gated entrances to the community. Each entrance is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Rolling Hills Community Association and the City of Rolling Hills share the same boundaries. The entire community is on private property, there is no public property inside the city.  All roads are located on Association easements.  Both the RHCA office and City Hall are located just outside the Main Gate at 1 & 2 Portuguese Bend Road, respectively.



The RHCA was established in 1936 by developer A.E. Hanson and the Palos Verdes Corporation to develop the community and to carry out their vision of a private, gated community made up of little ranches and family homes.  Today, the Association's primary purpose is to maintain the roads and other common areas of the community, uphold the architectural standards of the community, operate the gates and assist the members of the Board, committees and members of the community in upholding and maintaining the community's charm and appeal. The Association is self managed with all operations located at the association office at #1 Portuguese Bend Road, next door to City Hall.

The Association:

  • Maintains files on all properties within Rolling Hills

  • Reviews plans and issues building permits

  • Maintains roadway & bridle trails

  • Gate operations

  • Controls easements

  • Accepts view complaints

  • Sells residence signs

  • Helps support community clubs

Read more on the difference between the RHCA and the City of Rolling Hills.


There are 690 homes in the city, all of which are single family dwellings on a minimum of 1-acre lots.  There are several common area facilities within the city, including 2 riding rings, 3 tennis courts, and 26 miles of bridle trails.  Entrance to the city is through one of three gates, which are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  1. EASEMENTS:  All property is subject to perimeter easements varying in width around each property boundary and in some instances, road easements.  All easements must be kept free of building, fencing, plantings or other obstructions.

  2. DRAINS:  Drains are the responsibility of each homeowner.

  3. FENCING:  Perimeter fencing should be 3-rail fences painted white. New and replacement fencing require a survey and fence permit from the Association.  Fence location must be approved by RHCA.

  4. PRIVATE TENNIS COURTS AND RIDING RINGS:  Tennis courts and riding rings require permits from the City and design approval from the Association.

  5. DOGS:   Regulated by the City of Rolling Hills.  Maximum of three per household.

  6. VIEWS:  Neighbors are encouraged to work together to preserve views.  In the event neighbors cannot work out a private agreement, both City and RHCA have processes to restore and preserve views.

  7. PAINT:  Exteriors of buildings must be painted pure white with no tint.  Residents may submit color samples to the Architectural Committee if they wish to paint trim, doors or shutters a color other than white.

  8. ROOF:  New roof installation shall use approved fire retardant materials as required by the Building Code of the City of Rolling Hills and shall be approved by the Association Architectural Committee.

  9. RUBBISH:  Billing for trash service is a line item of the Los Angeles County tax bill.

                 A.   All new building or additions must be approved by the RHCA Architectural Committee and the City of                        Rolling Hills.
                 B.    Subdivisions of property are regulated by the Association and the City of Rolling Hills.

  11. EXTERIOR LIGHTING:  Exterior lighting is subject to the City Lighting Ordinance and Architectural review.  Light fixture design and location must be approved by the Architectural Committee.  

  12. BUILDING REGULATIONS:  Copies of the Association Building Regulations are free to property owners.

  13. TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS:  The Association levies an annual assessment which is fixed by the Board of Directors.  The current Assessment rate is 20 cents per hundred dollars of the assessed valuation established by Los Angeles County. 


In Rolling Hills, the Association has control of the easements, granted by the deed restrictions. 

Buying & Leasing

Rolling Hills buying and leasing information

RHCA vs. City

In Rolling Hills, the Association has control of the easements, granted by the deed restrictions. 

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