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RH "Hardening Your Home Against Fire" Videos Now Available

Great news!  "Hardening the Home" videos are now available on the City of Rolling Hills website.  Five educational videos illustrate ways residents can harden their homes and increase the likelihood of its survival when a wildfire strikes.  See the link below.

This project was funded by RH City Council with expertise provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Signup for a "Hardening the Home" Inspection by calling City Hall at (310) 377-1521.


Tai Chi
RHCA Tai Chi Classes will are held every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the yard between the City and the RHCA offices. Classes are $10 per person and your first class is FREE! Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and a hat if it is going to be a sunny day. 

RHCA Bridle Trails - Motorized Vehicles Prohibited

Both Residents and Non-Residents are precluded from operating motorcycles, motorbikes, dirt bikes, automobiles, trucks, sports utility vehicles, and any amphibious vehicle on the community's bridle trails, except vehicles used for emergency purposes or for construction and maintenance of the trails.


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1 Portuguese Bend Road

Rolling Hills, California 90274

(310) 544-6222     info@RHCA.net


Main Gate (Portuguese Bend Road & PV Dr. N)                              (310) 377-4318

Crest Gate (Crest Road West)                                                             (310) 377-1868

Eastfield Gate (Eastfield Drive & PV Dr.E)                                         (310) 732-1309

MAINTANENCE DEPARTMENT                                                          (310) 541-3544


City of Rolling Hills                                 (310) 377-1521            www.rolling-hills.org

Southern California Edison                  (800) 655-4555            www.sce.com

California Water Service                       (310) 257-1400            www.calwater.com

So. Cal. Gas                                             (800) 427-2200            www.socalgas.com

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