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Rolling Hills has nearly 30 miles of recognized bridle trails in the community. The trails are maintained by the Rolling Hills Community Association and monitored by the Caballeros Club. The bridle trails are open to equestrians who have RHCA issued trail badges and pedestrians accompanied by a resident. Bicycles and motor vehicles are prohibited on trails. 


All horseback riders must check in with gate attendants when entering the community.


Trail Badges: All non-resident horseback riders are required to have a RHCA trail badge to use the trails. Applications for a trail badge may be obtained at the Association office or downloaded (see below). Completed applications should be submitted with a passport sized photo (1 1/2" x 2"). If a non-resident equestrian does not have a trail badge or has a badge and is not on a horse they will be refused entry. 


If you are aware of unsafe conditions on a trail please contact the RHCA office immediately at or (310)544-6222.  If it is after business hours or a weekend, please notify the gate staff.

Bridle Trail Rules of Conduct 


The hours of use and general rules of conduct for trail users are as follows:

  • Trails are to be used during daylight hours only and close at sunset. Requests for twilight or night time access to the bridle trails may be granted by special permission from the Board of Directors only. 

  • Use only established trails shown on the RHCA trail map. Going off of established trails is trespassing onto private property. Trail maps are available at the RHCA office at 1 Portuguese Bend Road. 

  • Smoking is prohibited at all times.

  • No littering. 

  • Bicycles or motor vehicles are NOT permitted on bridle trails. 

  • Riders entering at Crest Road West, Eastfield Gate or Main Gate must check in with gate personnel to give their name and show their trail badge upon entry. 

Riding Rings


There are two riding rings in the community, the Caballeros Ring and Hix Ring. Use of these riding rings are restricted to Rolling Hills residents and their guests only. Unauthorized use of riding rings may result in revocation of RHCA trail badge.


Caballeros Ring at Hesse's Gap: Caballeros Ring is the riding ring at Hesse's Gap near the intersection of Poppy Trail and Portuguese Bend Road. In October 1975, the riding facilities at the gap were dedicated as the Fred Hesse Equestrian Facilities, but they are also commonly referred to as Caballeros Ring. Hesse's Gap also features hitching posts and a picnic area. 


Clif Hix Ring: The Clif Hix ring is located on the side of the city, off John's Canyon trail near the North end of Buggy Whip Drive. The ring is named after Clif Hix, a long-time resident of Rolling Hills.

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