Rolling Hills has two governing bodies, the City of Rolling Hills ("the City") and the Rolling Hills Community Association ("RHCA" or "the Association"). Each of these entities has its separate responsibilities, rules, revenue and authority. Administration offices for both the City and the Association are located just outside the Main Gate on Portuguese Bend Road at Palos Verdes Drive North. 

The Rolling Hills City Hall is located at #2 Portuguese Bend Road and houses the City administration office and City Council Chambers.

The Association Office is next to City Hall at #1 Portuguese Bend Road and houses the Association's administrative offices. Board room and the Association maintenance office and garage. 


Governing Body:          Board of Directors

Rules:                          Deed Restrictions -- Declaration 150

Responsibilities:            Architectural Review

                                  Building Permits


                                  Gate House Staff and Operations

                                  House Signs

                                  Maintain Common Areas

                                       (bridle trails, riding rings, tennis courts)

                                  Road and Roadside Maintenance

                                  View Impairment

Committees:                 Architectural Committee 

                                  Landscape Committee

                                  Nominating Committee

                                  View Preservation Committee 

                                  Seniors Committee

Staff:                           Association Manager

                                  Architectural Inspector

                                  Maintenance Supervisor

                                  Finance Director

                                  Administrative Assistant

                                  Front Desk Administrative Assistant

                                  Architectural Administrator

                                  Maintenance Staff

Hours:                         Monday - Thursday  7:30 a.m. -- 4:45 p.m.

                                  Fridays                   7:30 a.m. -- 12:00 noon

Contact:                      Phone       (310) 544 -- 6222

                                  Fax          (310) 544 -- 6766

                                  E-mail       info@rhca.net

Website:                      www.RHCA.org


Governing Body:          City Council

Rules:                          Municipal Code

Responsibilities:            Public Safety

                                  Planning & Zoning Department

                                  Building and Grading Permits

                                  Storm Water Management

                                  View Impairment

                                  Animal Control

                                  Solid Waste Collection

Committees:                 Planning Commission

                                  Traffic Commission

                                  Committee on Trees & Views

                                  Block Captains

Staff:                           City Manager

                                  City Planning Director

                                  Deputy City Clerk/ Executive Assistant

                                  Finance Director


                                  Administrative Assistant

Hours:                         Monday -- Friday  7:30 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m.

Contact:                      Phone       (310) 377 -- 1521

                                  E-mail       CityClerk@cityofrh.net

Website:                      www.Rolling-Hills.org