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The community places a high value on the privacy and rural character of the community created by the open space around each residence.  This is achieved through both the regulation of the size and style of buildings and the preservation of open easements that surround each property. 


Through the deed restrictions, every homeowner has granted control of easements on their property to the RHCA. These easements are used for roadways, bridle trails, utilities and drains. When they are not used for those purposes, easements should remain free of building, planting or other obstructions unless licensed by the RHCA.


What are easements?

Easements are strips of land deeded to the Association that are reserved for roads, streets or bridle trails; parkways and parks; poles, wires and conduits for the transmission of electricity and telephone; public and private sewers, storm water drains, land drains and pipes; water systems, heating and gas mains or pipes; and any other public or quasi-public utility service or function.

Where are my easements and what size are they?

Easements surround the perimeter of you property like a picture frame. Each property is unique and the easements vary in size from property to property. Roadside easements vary from 10 to 50 feet and side and rear easements vary from 10 to 25 feet. If you are curious to find out the location and the size of the easements on your property, please come into the Association office and the staff will be happy to show you.

Are easements still considered my property?

While easements are within your property, they are deeded to the Association. The Association treats easements different than your private property and it is their policy to keep easements clear of any new plantings, irrigation or structures. You may remove trees, vegetation, irrigation and structures from the easements on your property but replacing or installing anything new in an easement requires special approval from the Board of Directors. For more information about the approval process for plantings or building in an easement, please contact the Association office.

For information about the easement on your property, or licensing process please contact the RHCA office.

Application for License Agreement

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