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The purpose of these Building Regulations is to preserve and maintain the character of the community as single family, low profile, one story homes, white in color with earth-tone trim, traditional or California ranch-style in appearance (with the exception of Williamsburg Lane) with complimentary accoutrements. Its further purpose is to prevent the erection, alteration, maintenance or repair of undesirable or inharmonious types or designs which detract from the aesthetic values of the property on which the construction is proposed or the neighboring properties.

To preserve and maintain the character of the community


All exterior construction requires Architectural Committee approval and a building permit from the RHCA. Building or making alterations without a permit will result in a stop order and a violation on the property.  All construction must match approved plans. Changes without approval are not allowed and an open building permit will not be closed until changes are approved or corrected.


The Architectural Committee meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM at the RHCA office. The deadline for plan check applications is 4:45 PM on the Thursday before a meeting. Any member of the RHCA may attend a committee meeting.


New residences and additions to existing residences shall conform as closely as possible to the concept of the traditional or contemporary Rolling Hills California ranch-style house located in Rolling Hills with the exception of the homes covered by items b and c. Such houses:

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