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Entering the Gates

To access your dwellingLIVE profile & guest list, please click on the dwellingLive button above.   
Entering the Gates
The gates are a defining characteristic of the community and a key element in protecting the privacy of Rolling Hills.  To operate efficiently, property owners and visitors must follow all RHCA policies and procedures. Please see the Important Documents page for a full copy of the RHCA Gate Policy.
Resident Entry    
Property owners:  Property owners must register all of their vehicles with the Association office. This allows them to enter through the resident side of the gate without stopping to log-in with the gate attendant.  When registering vehicles, property owners must present valid registration in their name for each vehicle.  A transponder will be placed on the vehicle, by RHCA staff that will open the resident gate.
Residents may register rental cars on a temporary basis, please bring a copy of the contract by the RHCA office.
To help preserve the privacy and safety of the community, please notify the RHCA office if you sell a car so it can be removed from the system.
Non-Owner Residents and Leases:  People who reside in the city but are not on title to the property may register their cars to enter the resident gate.  To do so, the person must present a current lease agreement or have authorization from the property owner.  A refundable deposit of $200 per vehicle is required when registering a vehicle.  Deposits are returned when the non-owner resident moves out of the city, sells a vehicle, or purchases property in Rolling Hills. 
Motorcycles / Bicycles

Due to the equestrian nature of the community and for the safety of everyone, only RHCA members will be admitted on motorcycles or bicycles.  Member's motorcycles must be registered with the RHCA and residents may pick up stickers for their bicycles at the RHCA office.
Visitor Access 
All visitors and service providers must enter through the visitor lane and log in with the gate attendant.  A visitor will be asked for their name and the name and address of the person they are visiting.  All visitors must be on a resident's guest list to be admitted to the community.
If a visitor vehicle does not have license plates, the driver will be asked to show a driver's license.
Visitors may enter the city from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
Residents may log in to the dwellingLIVE gate entry system to manage their guest lists, update contact information, and sign up to receive e-mail and text alerts when guests log in to their property.
After-hours entry is available for healthcare or domestic workers, house-sitters, family members and house guests or other who may need access before or after the regular visitor hours. These guests may be added to a resident's guest list with a special note to admit them before 7:00 AM or after 11:00 PM or by calling any of the gates or the RHCA office. Guests authorized to enter during off hours must still enter through the visitor side of the gate and log in with the gate attendant. 
Workers and Service Providers
Workers may be admitted from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday - Saturday.  There is no work allowed in the city on Sunday or holidays, aside from emergencies.
Emergency repairs are allowed outside of working hours.  Residents must notify the gates of the name of the vendor they are expecting and that it is an emergency repair.
Road Limits
Many roads in Rolling Hills are steep and narrow and may not be accessible to large trucks.  Low-Boy trucks and 18-wheel trucks may not be allowed access to certain streets and need authorization from the RHCA office prior to entering the gates. Double rigs are not allowed in the gates. Refer to the Vehicle Road Limits for the complete regulations and road limitations.
Realtors viewing or listing a property in Rolling Hills must also be on a homeowner's guest list in order to enter the community to show or view a property.
Potential buyers must enter the community in the realtor's vehicle.  They may only follow a realtor in a separate vehicle if they have small children who require car seats, or to accommodate a special need.