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Building & Remodeling

If you are planning to build on your property, repair or renovate your home, landscape or accessory buildings, please drop by the RHCA office first.  We will be happy to discuss the project with you and go over the review and approval process. 
Plan Approval and Permitting
All exterior construction requires Architectural Committee approval and a building permit from the RHCA. Building or making alterations without a permit will result in a stop order and a violation on the property.  All construction must match approved plans. Changes without approval are not allowed and an open building permit will not be closed until changes are approved or corrected (RHCA Building Regulations).
The Architectural Committee meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM at the RHCA office. The deadline for plan check applications is 4:45 PM on the Thursday before a meeting. Any member may attend a committee meeting. RHCA Architectural Review & Approval Process
Personal appearances by an owner or architect to discuss a specific project are by appointment only. Submittals to the Architectural Committee should include one set of plans, a completed Application for Plan Check and payment of $165 for the plan check fee.
Small projects may be approved after one or two submittals, while larger or more complex projects may require follow up submittals or revisions. Building permit fees vary depending on the size and length of the project (RHCA Schedule of Fees). 
Over the counter approvals by staff are limited to re-roofing with approved roofing materials, 3-rail fencing not located in an easement (a survey may be required), and replacing a driveway with asphalt, paver stones or concrete.  All other proposed construction must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval.
All construction requires onsite approval and inspection by the Association. Homeowners or contractors should call for inspections at least 24 hours prior to needed inspection (310) 544-6222 or email 
A set of approved, stamped plans must be on the job site at all times during construction. The yellow RHCA inspection card issued with the permit should be posted in a prominent, accessible area of the building site and be readily available for the RHCA inspector. 
The RHCA's inspector may also visit properties with open building permits to check on their progress.
General Construction Guidelines
A pre-construction meeting with the RHCA inspector, City planner, owner and contractor is recommended prior to the start of a project to help avoid any project delays.
  • All companies working on-site must be on the guest list for the property, including deliveries and subcontractors.
  • Workers must know the address and name of the owner for the job site. 
  • All work must proceed in a timely manner to minimize disruption to neighbors. 
  • It is the obligation of the owner or his agent to provide toilet facilities for workers. Portable toilets must be placed inconspicuously on location and out of RHCA easements. 
  • During construction, the worksite and road sides must be kept free of all trash and debris. This includes the area around your vehicles. 
  • Preventative measures must be taken to reduce dust at the worksite to minimize disruption to neighboring properties. 
  • Commercial advertising signs of any kind are prohibited. 
  • Excessive noise and loud music are discouraged. 
  • Placing dumpsters or storage containers in easements is prohibited. 
  • Parking in Rolling Hills is very limited, contractors must park their vehicles on the property where the construction is taking place. If no parking is available you must park on the roadside easement near the property. You  may not block any of the bridle trails, other resident's driveways or mailboxes. Overnight parking on roadside easements is prohibited. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. 
  • The City of Rolling Hills requires hauling permits for all contractors who are hauling away construction or demolition waste. A minimum of 50% of construction and demolition waste must be recycled and proof provided to the city. Before a hauling company or dump truck is allowed entry, the hauling company must first acquire a hauling permit from the City. Please call the city at (310) 377-1521.
  • Exportation or importation of dirt is prohibited without City Planning Department approval. 
  • All construction and grading must be done in accordance with approved plans.
  • A set of the approved plans must be kept on the work site at all times. Any deviation from the approved plans require RHCA, City Planning, and L.A. County Building and Safety approvals. 
  • Many roads in Rolling Hills are steep and narrow and may not be accessible to large trucks, (i.e. 18-wheelers, low-boy trailers). These trucks may not be allowed access to certain streets, please check with the Association office if you or your subcontractors have large or oversized trucks (see vehicle road limits). 
  • Roads may not be blocked for any period of time. If a truck cannot park, turn around on site, or blocks a portion of the road, it is the responsibility of the general contractor to provide flag people at both ends of the truck for traffic control. A truck may not encroach into more than one half of one lane of traffic and may not encroach at all on Eastfield Drive. 
Important Documents