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Working in RH

Working in Rolling Hills
All visitors and workers entering the gates must provide the name and address of the resident they are coming to visit and need to be on the guest list of the property where they are visiting or working. This includes food deliveries and taxi/ride-sharing services. 
Workers and service providers may access the community Monday - Saturday 7:00AM - 6:00PM
If a company or service provider is not on a homeowner's guest list, the gate attendant will call the homeowner to obtain authorization. During this process, the visitor may be asked to pull their vehicle  over, out of the visitor entry lane until the gate has authorization for their entry. 
If a vehicle does not have a license plate the driver will be asked to show their driver's license. 
Motorcycles / Bicycles 
Due to the equestrian nature of the community, for the safety of everyone, no visitors or workers will be admitted on motorcycles or bicycles. 
Realtors / Showing Property
Realtors may show property Monday - Sunday 7:00AM - 6:00PM. All realtors should read the Essential Information for Realtors to stay up to date on important information regarding properties and homes in Rolling Hills.
Realtors showing property or listing properties in Rolling Hills please take note of the following requirements:
  • All Realtors must bring prospective buyers into the City using their own vehicle and must be listed on the Guest List for the property they are viewing. 
  • To preserve the seller's privacy, public advertisements for property listings should not include the house number. 
  • For appraisal purposes, property appraisers must obtain owner permission to photograph homes to use as comps in Rolling Hills.