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Architectural Committee
  • chevron_rightWhen Do I Need A Building Permit From RHCA?
    Permits are required for all construction that changes the outward appearance of your property. Weather you are replacing your windows or building a new residence, you need a permit! 
  • chevron_rightWhat Should Be Included In My Submittal To The Committee?
    Your submittal should contain one set of plans prepared by a licensed Architect as well as any additional information that will allow the Committee to evaluate the impact of the changes to the property (i.e. sample, photo, and brochure). You can pick up a copy of the RHCA Plan Submittal Checklist at the Association office. This checklist outlines exactly what required in a submittal to the committee. 
  • chevron_rightHow Will I Know What The Committee's Decision Is?
    The day after an Architectural Committee Meeting, minutes are sent to the Architect and the homeowner. These minutes will inform you on the decision the Committee made regarding your submittal. You may be asked to restudy and resubmit your plans, submit your plans in final form, or your plans may be approved as submitted. If you are unsure what the decision is or you are unclear on what you need to do next, feel welcome to contact the Association office. Someone will be able to answer your questions. 
  • chevron_rightHow Long Should I Expect It To Take for My Submittal To Be Approved?
    For small renovations expect to submit to the Committee 2 or 3 times. For major remodels and new residences, expect to submit several revisions before getting final approval. At least 4 times: concept, detailed plans, final working drawings, all fixtures and finishes. 
  • chevron_rightWhat If My Submittal Is Rejected?
    If your submittal is rejected in part or in its entirety, you may revise the plans to comply with the regulations, or you may appeal the decision. You should receive a copy of Resolution No. 136 with the minutes from the meeting. This Resolution outlines the rules on appealing a decision of the Architectural Committee to the Board of Directors. If you do not wish to appeal, you may turn in a new submittal for review. 
  • chevron_rightMy Submittal Has Been Approved, Now What?
    Once the Architectural Committee approves your submittal, you are required to bring five sets of plans to be stamped. One set of the plans are for the Association, one set is for the City, one set for the contractor and two sets are for the Department of Building and Safety. The Association will then issue your building permit if the project requires inspections. An inspection card will be issued as well. This inspection card must be posted in a prominent, accessible area of the building site and must be readily available to the association inspector. 
  • chevron_rightWhat If There Are Modifications After My Project Has Been Approved?
    If you make any exterior modifications to your project after it has been approved by the Committee you are required to submit those changes for review. 
Association Dues
  • chevron_rightWhat Are My Association Dues?
    The Association levies an annual assessment which is fixed by the Board of Directors. The current Assessment rate is 20 cents per hundred dollars of the assessed valuation established by Los Angeles County. Bills are mailed out in October and are due in November but for the convenience of our members it may be paid in two installments, due on December 10 and April 10. 
Building & Remodeling
  • chevron_rightAltering Homes Designed By Notable Architects
    If you wish to significantly alter or remodel a house that was designed by a notable architect (i.e. Cliff May) we recommend that the property owner and architect meet with the Architectural Committee to discuss the proposed changes before drafting plans. 
  • chevron_rightCan I Access The Association's Property Files to Review Plans?
    The Association's property files are private files that are only available to the current property owner. The property owner has the right to release the file for viewing and copying. To do so, a Property Release Form must be filled out by the owner and either signed in person at the Association office or notarized if the form is signed outside the Association office. This form authorizes specific individuals to review the property file, and if noted, allows them to have plans copied by the Association's authorized blueprint companies. 
  • chevron_rightHow Do I Obtain A Building Permit?
    To obtain a building permit, your project must first be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Committee. For your project to be considered for review, you must turn in your submittal to the Association office no later than the Thursday prior to the Architectural Committee meeting in which you would like to be considered. Meetings take place on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4PM. An Application for Plan Check must be filled out at the time of plan submission and the plan check fee paid. 
  • chevron_rightHow Long Is My Building Permit Valid?
    Your permit is valid for as long as you continue working on the project that was approved by the Committee. If you stop working, or if you never stared the permitted work, your permit becomes void exactly one year after the date it was issued. An extension of six (6) months may be requested. A fee of $150 will be charged for each six month extension. 
Gates / Gate Policy
  • chevron_rightThe Gate Does Not Open For My Vehicle. What Do I Do?
    First you should make sure that your car is registered with RHCA by looking at the list of vehicles in your profile or calling the RHCA office. If it is not in the system, you will need to provide the RHCA office with your vehicle's registration by email, fax or bringing in a copy. If your license plate is in the system and the gate still does not open, you can bring the car to the office and we will affix a transponder to your windshield that will open the gate for you by signal.